Scent Marketing

The scent marketing is the art of fusing a brand and a harmonically particular

fragrance, creating a unique and recognizable by consumers aromatic entity.

The fragrances, along with other sensory factors such as sound, temperature, lighting and adequate and pleasant environment, establish a positive link between the brand and consumers. An own fragrance enriches and strengthens the personality and corporate dentity of the brand, while collaborating in transmitting the values of this.

The scent marketing is being applied widely in various sectors, adding to the more traditional shops, hotels, gyms, etc..

In Centhylon we are cognizant this diversity and it is why we offer the widest range of fragrances at European level, ranging from reproductions of the best known perfumes, to floral fragrances, woody, fruit and reproductive.

In Centhylon through a briefing with our customer, we develop the most appropriate strategy to appropriate for the sensory experience in its facilities is fully positive approach, either using our range of over 80 fragrances or developing its own.

It is essential when choosing a fragrance take into account aspects such as the values that you want to convey, types, motivations, and preferences of our customers and market trends.

The correct choice of fragrance diffusion system is essential, since the characteristics of the space to determine the most suitable flavoring system to apply. That is why we offer a wide range of fragrance diffusers systems to be applied in each case the most functional. From spray home fragrances, to automatic diffusers, or nebulizer systems, with coverage up to 1000m2 per unit.