Find the most exquisite fragrance in the collection of home fragences spray of Centhylon, a memory that will give a unique look and style to your business.

Each fragrance must be used differently depending on the type of business and, above all, your purpose when using it. 
For this, we provide you with the olfactory pyramid of this extraordinary home fragrance.

The home fragrances for exquisite environments.

The home fragrances reminds Hugo Boss has a woody olfactory pyramid of masculine character that conveys luxury. It is a fragrance with citrus notes and soft, among them we would highlight the woody and floral notes in case of presence:

High olfactory notes: Apple, Plum and Lemon.

Middle olfactory notes: Mahogany, Carnation and Cinnamon

Low olfactory notes: Sandalwood, Geranium and Vanilla.

Now incorporate the ideal fragrance for an atmosphere of luxury and serenity!