Natural home fragrances

The best selection of home fragrances with natural fragrances you will find in Centhylon. Perfume your business or home with the fragrance that you like the most: vanilla, orange blossom or roses ... more than 75 fragrances of home fragrances.

The best aromas for home fragrances.

The home fragrances of Centhylon are made without harmful components for nature, respecting the environment. The fragrances come from natural essences.

You will find all the home fragrances in three formats: sample, small and large.

By perfuming a space you keep the environment fresh and with a pleasant smell. Increase comfort and positive feelings of people who are in the room. Enjoy the warmth in your home or business with pleasant natural fragrances.

Choosing the right fragrance for each space can make a difference. For example, citrus aromas such as Mexican lemon or excitrus, are ideal for study areas and offices, as they help mitigate mental fatigue.

The great selection of home fragrances Centhylon will help you find the perfect fragrance for each room in your home or perfume for your business.

Scent marketing, a success opportunity for your business.

Centhylon home fragrances and their fragrances are a perfect option to work on an olfactory marketing strategy.

Scent marketing is a sensory marketing strategy that awakens sensations in the consumer and thus relate a specific fragrance to a concept, an idea or a sensation. Like the smell of freshly baked bread in a bakery.

Scent marketing in your business has benefits such as: liven up the environment and customers have a longer visit in the store or establishment.

Add professional olfactory marketing to your business! Sensory marketing will improve the experience of your customers.