Odor eliminator home or business

Discover the home fragrences of Centhylon that help you eliminate the bad smells of your business or home, such as food in poor condition, humidity, animals, tobacco and others.

That is why we must use top quality products to neutralize and eliminate odors. To remove bad smells, Centhylon offers a collection of home fragrances with different fragrances so you can choose the one you like the most.

Home fragrances and fragrance diffusers to eliminate odors

The home fragrances of Centhylon allow us to eliminate odors without emasculating them. They contain a very effective active principle that neutralizes odors immediately without camouflaging them.

Choose the format you prefer, spray odor eliminators, fragrance nebulizers or home fragrances for aroma diffuser. The home fragrances of Centhylon will allow you to neutralize the bad smells.

Your space free of bad smells thanks to the home fragrances of Centhylon!

Technology to eliminate odors, ozone generators

The ozone generator eliminates almost 99% of allergic agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. The ozoenizadores are a solution to eliminate the bad odors of smoke, tobacco or humidity and are perfect for industrial, semi-industrial and domestic use.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant, and is a highly effective cleaning procedure, which also does not pollute, and is respectful with the environment.

Ozonation treatments reduce costs in cleaning and disinfection without using chemical products. That is why they are a great option to purify the air of our home and business and eliminate odors without using products that can be harmful to health.

Browse our catalog and find the most suitable product for you. Do you want to perfume a space? Browse our categories of home fragrances, fragrance diffusers, scented candles, reed diffuser and incense to discover the best products to perfume your home or local good smells.