Diffusers fragrances nebulizers Nebucent Little

The aroma diffusers Nebucent Little have small dimensions so you can use them in small spaces of your business or your home. Due to its small size and attractive and discreet design, it is compatible with any decoration. For your use, you have at your disposal more than 100 essential oil based fragrances for exclusive use in nebulizer aroma diffusers. The use of aromas stimulates parts of the brain and improves our mental and emotional state. You can use them in any space, such as fashion stores, hotels, at home and endless places. Discover the Nebucent Little scents of Centhylon!

The technology of nebulizer fragrance diffusers

The fragrance diffusers Nebucent Little use misting technology. That is, they transform the liquid from the home fragrances into a dry mist. This allows the fragrance microparticles to be very volatile and expand throughout the space, spreading the fragrance and creating a homogeneous atmosphere. The nebulization is a very profitable technology since with little liquid fragrance you manage to aromatize a stay for days. Nebulizer fragrance diffusers are the technology used by hotels and fashion stores. Use it also in your business or home!

¡Centhylon aroma diffusers for all spaces!

Centhylon Little nebulizer diffusers have several models for you to choose the one you like the most. They allow you to control with Bluetooth from your mobile, so you can control and program the perfume in your spaces, the frequency and its intensity. They are ideal for small spaces of between 25 and 30 square meters and have a 100ml tank. Having a scent diffuser guarantees well-being and a pleasant fragrance for days. The fragrance diffusers Nebucent Little are very easy to use. Its low consumption and the fact that you can program it both in time and intensity, will allow you to forget about it for weeks. In Centhylon you will find aroma diffusers for your business or your home at the best price!