Car fresheners

car air fresheners - Highly durable.

The car fresheners are perfuming that are becoming more popular every day due to the large amount of time we spend traveling with our vehicle. In Centhylon you can find a lot of different car fresheners, with different aromas and designs, so you can choose the one you like the most.

In our catalog, you can find car fresheners of different types: to hang in the mirror, for the coasters or for the ventilation grilles. You can also find air fresheners to form a small board or pearl, which we recommend to place in a stable place inside the car and that has contact with the ground. This type of air fresheners for the car have a medium-high aromatic intensity.

Now you know the types of car freshener you'll find in Centhylon. Get yours! Not what you're looking for? You can also find air fresheners, fragrances diffusers or scented candles for your home or establishment. Explore more on our website.