Fragrance diffusers. In Centhylon you will find the largest for professional and home spaces.

The fragrance diffusers allow you to enjoy the aromas in an efficient, homogeneous and continuous way. You have more than 95 fragrances and are managed in a very simple way, being able to regulate schedules and intensity. Its cost is very low and are ideal for perfuming spaces such as fashion stores, hotels, offices, home, etc.

Wide range of fragrance diffusers: diffusers of nebulizer aromas and diffusers of essential oils.

In Centhylon you have a wide variety of aroma nebulizers. The diffusers of nebulizer fragrances give us coverage for small and large spaces, creating micro aromatic particles that are spread by a dry mist, which neither wet nor stain. They can work autonomously or through the air conditioning ducts. With a modern and minimalist aesthetic, they will adapt very well to the decoration of your spaces.

They aromatize silently and cleanly. The diffusers of essential oils are ideal for the home. Perfumes your stays and benefit from the aromatherapy properties with the ultrasonic diffusers or humidifiers that not only aromatize your spaces, but also purify and humidify them.

Buy or rent aroma diffusers.

In Centhylon you will find the fragrance diffuser best suited for you to ensure you always have your spaces flavored, having the possibility to choose between more than 95 natural aromas and reminiscent of the perfumes most used in professional aromatization.

On our website you will find complementary products to aroma diffusers. You have the same fragrances in spray format. You also have scented candles, mikado air fresheners, incense and much more. Only in Centhylon!