Home Fragrance Spray Pompon Vanilla 750ml.

Home Fragrance Spray Pompon Vanilla 750ml.

Home fragrance 750ml. Professional microparticle sprayer included.
11.50 Taxes included
The fragrance of Vanilla gives us sensual and sweet notes. 
It helps us increase confidence and security. It favors the 
creation of relaxed and calm environments for decision making.

Vanilla is native to Mexico, although currently the best known is produced in Madagascar. 
To obtain it, the cultivation and preparation requires meticulous and long care. 
The vanilla fragrance has also been used in high perfumery, such as Coco de Chanel perfume or Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. 
Its fragrance has soothing properties, so the vanilla home fragrance is ideal to create relaxed spaces. 
Its fragrance manages to evoke positive childhood emotions.
Available in home fragrances and fragrance diffusers.

The natural home fragrances bring distinction and personality to our 
rooms, activating our senses and influencing us positively, providing 
us with energy and satisfaction. Each space needs a specific fragrance. 
Our room fragrances create unique and comfortable environments.

Home Fragrance Diffuser Spray.

Dosage: Sanitizes, purifies, deodorizes and aromatizes spaces as a result of the percentage of alcohol involved in its composition.

Application: Perform between 4 and 5 sprays per 25m2 from the center to the upper corners that we want to aromatize.

Product of low consumption and high performance. With 750ml of product we will have a yield of 1,200 sprays.

To improve the durability of our home fragrances, we recommend spraying on the textile since, being made with molasses oils, they do not stain.

Scent fragrance presented in a 750ml cylindrical bottle with professional spray of microparticles made by Canyon, manufactured in the USA.