Fragrance diffuser nebulizer Nebucent800

Fragrance diffuser nebulizer Nebucent800

Fragance diffuser by cold fogging. The best professionals fresheners.

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Elegant and minimalist design nebulizer. Ideal to scent from small to large spaces in a silences a way, homogeneous and clean. A dry mist of fragrance will expand effectively and continuously for the entire stay. It can operate independently or through conduits air conditioning. Ideal to scent clothing stores, hotels, offices, gyms, clinics, casinos, waiting rooms, homes, etc.



Weight: 3.2Kg.
Power: 12W.
Bottle capacity: 2500 ml.
Consumption: 2.2 ml / h - 4 ml / h.
Coverage: 800 m2 - 2500 m3.

Professional aromatization for all types of spaces. Fragrance diffuser Nebucent800.

Scent marketing represents an excellent channel of communication since a fragrance has a power of evocation greater than other sensory stimuli. It helps us to awaken memories and emotions and favors the loyalty of users with a brand.
The use of a fragrance for your business represents a marketing strategy with originality and effectiveness, overcoming other stimuli such as visual or auditory.

In Centhylon you have diffusers of nebulizer fragrances that can work autonomously or through the air conditioning ducts.

You have more than 100 home fragrances to perfume your business.