Reminds to Amor Amor Cacharel - Nebulizer.

Reminds to Amor Amor Cacharel - Nebulizer.

Essential Oil - Concentrated Fragrance For Aroma Diffuser Nebulizer.
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Fragrance that defines a passionate, explosive and youthful love. 
Notes Floral and fruity with rose and tangerine. Heart of rose and 
lilies of the valley and found of vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

Content: 1000 ml. / 500 ml. / 150 ml.
Concentrated fragrance for scent diffuser nebulizer.

Fragrances based on essential oils of high concentration elaborated for use in diffusers of aromas by nebulization. 
Its system of permanent diffusion, offers us a continuous aromatization, uniform, of high olfactory quality and with very low costs.

Perfume fragrances bring distinction and personality to our spaces, activating our senses and positively influencing us, providing 
energy and satisfaction. Every space needs a specific aroma. Our fragrances create unique and comfortable environments.

Centhylon professional home fragrances allow you to perfume your business and home in an efficient and lasting way. 
We have home fragrances in spray,  automatic aroma diffusers and diffusers of fragrances by nebulization.

Home fragrances that stimulate the body, mind and emotions.

Fragrances have a profound role in the comfort of the body, mind and emotions. 
When home fragrances are diffused through space, their fragrance transforms the atmosphere, creating a stimulating, tranquil and energetic place.
Olfactory memory is associated with an emotional image.
Scent marketing is part of sensory marketing, and enhances the role of fragrances as a means of communication and a channel of memory and emotion.