Automatic fragrance diffuser

Automatic fragrance diffuser for small spaces.

The automatic scent dispenser is ideal for scenting small spaces, whether it's homes, retail stores, retailers and desks or washrooms.

The natural scent and fragrance-scented room scents are 330ml made with natural essences, which are three times higher than an aerosol freshener. The fragrance diffuser can generate an ambient coverage of up to 30 square meters. Its operation is easy, simple and intuitive Simply incorporate the charge into the device with the perfume you like best and automatically the perfume diffuser perfumes the space.

Its design is innovative, clean lines and simple, which makes it perfect to place in any space discreetly. It is recommended to place the fragrance dispenser in an appropriate height so that the odor of the deodorizer is used to the fullest.

In Centhylon, we want to provide you with the best choice in olfactory marketing systems, which is why we have a section of perfume samples where you can ask for them before making your final purchase of the product.

Get the automatic scent diffuser and scent any space.