Wax Melts Scented Chakras Svadhishthana.

Wax Melts Scented Chakras Svadhishthana.

Fondue of aromas. Chakras Collection
8.95 Taxes included
Content: 6 squares.

EH - Raw materials from organic agriculture.

Vegetable wax 100% natural soy.

We present this magnificent collection of scented fondants made with 100%

essential oils soy wax. Each fragrance represents the 7 Chakras in

Hinduism they indicate energy centers in and out of our body.

Svadhisthana (Sacred): Your second Chakra will be revitalized by the synergy

of the essential balsamic, hot, soft oils and lightly sweet. It will help us

to strengthen the senses and desire of proximity. With notes

of wood of ho, patchouli, ginger and ylang-ylang.

The perfumed fondant melt with the heat, without having direct contact with the flame,

for what his fragrance is very pure and natural. His fragrances will act as excellent

home fragrances for our home and as a great ally to create different environments

depending on our state of mind. The essential oils produced by the wax of

melted soybean will be a delight for our body and our soul.