Quality incense.

In Centhylon we present a collection of high quality Japanese incenses with which you can perfume any space effectively. Its main composition consists of resins impregnated with essential oils of great purity, in this way, they are subjected to an artisan process of elaboration, contributing a slow and very efficient combustion.

Censers of different formats for home or business. 

To place the incense in any place we want, we offer a range of more than 8 censers. The censers were manufactured to catalyze the olfactory power of incense. On the other hand, many of them were designed to go according to the setting of the place whether they are places to meditate, relaxation sites and for the home.

Japanese incenses.

In the online store of home fragrances of Centhylon we present an exclusive selection of Japanese incenses composed of resins of natural essential oils of sacred trees such as Kyara or Sandalwood.

Enjoy our wide offer and discover now your favorite incense to meditate, disconnect and activate your energies!