Home Fragrance Sticks Kitchen Anís Coriandre.

Home Fragrance Sticks Kitchen Anís Coriandre.

Star Anise and Coriander.

14.80 Taxes included
Content: 100ml.

Production artisanale. Parfum de France.

Sparkling and fresh aromas that bring us the fruits and aromatic plants.

The Kitchen collection, based on essential oils, gives us the character

Mint, the sparkling aroma of citrus, the vitality of the ginger,

the sweetness of anise, the relaxation of coriander. All these

Ephemeral fragrances that are part of our culinary tradition.

The kitchen Collection consists of scented

candles and home fragrances in sticks.

The extraordinary blend of anise and cilantro transport us

to a sweet trip to the Mediterranean. The seeds of coriander.