The selection of home fragrances that recall perfumes from Centhylon include fragrances of high aromatic capacity and durability. 
Available in home fragrance spray and diffusers of professional aromas.

Each fragrance we offer is unique and offers an exclusive olfactory pyramid.

The ideal home fragrances to create a Sensual Environment.

The home fragrances reminiscent of Cool Water has a male olfactory aquatic pyramid. It is a fragrance with very marked output notes. 
We would highlight this home fragrance for having the following olfactory notes:

High olfactory notes: Seawater, Lavender, Mint and Green Notes.

Middle olfactory notes: Sandalwood, Geranium and Jasmine

Low olfactory notes: Tobacco, Musk and Oak Moss.

If you love the sea breeze this is the ideal fragrance for you!