Our selection of perfumes home fragrances include fragrances recognized worldwide for their aromatic capacity. Able to fall olfactory love to anyone and be able to fully convey a specific concept, as it would be an experience in a local or a consolidated brand in the market.
Each fragrance we offer is unique and offers an exclusive olfactory pyramid. The result will depend on many factors: one of them, the ambience system, either in diffusers or aroma nebulizers.

The perfume home fragrances ideal for a sophisticated environment.

The home fragrances of perfume recalls Carolina Herrera has a sweet olfactory pyramid of masculine character. It is a fragrance with very strong and powerful output notes. 
We would highlight this home fragrances for having the following olfactory notes:

High olfactory notes: Herb, Bergamot and Lemon.

Middle olfactory notes: nutmeg, woody notes and saffron.

Low olfactory notes: Sugar, Leather and Vanilla.

If you want a contemporaneous fragrance, this is the home fragrances you're looking for!