Aroma diffuser nebulizer Nebucent3000

Aroma diffuser nebulizer Nebucent3000

Fragance diffuser by cold fogging. The best professionals fresheners.

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Elegant and minimalist design nebulizer. Ideal to scent from small to large spaces in a silences a way, homogeneous and clean. A dry mist of fragrance will expand effectively and continuously for the entire stay. It can operate independently or through conduits air conditioning. Ideal to scent clothing stores, hotels, offices, gyms, clinics, casinos, waiting rooms, homes, etc.



Input voltage: AC110V-240V

Power: 40W.

Bottle capacity: 1LX2

Net Weight: 10.8kg

Dimension: 350mm*217mm*165mm.

Coverage: 10000m³  -  3000m2

Scent marketing. Aroma systems. Nebucent3000 fragrance diffuser.

Scent marketing represents the art of fusing a fragrance with a brand and its customers. It represents a fundamental part of the identity of a company since 75% of our emotions are affected by smell.

A fragrance directly influences our behavior and can remind us of memories instantly. Scent marketing combined with other marketing techniques will establish a lasting connection between a brand and its users.

In Centhylon you have a wide range of diffusers of nebulizer fragrances to perfume from small to large spaces.