Fragrance diffuser nebulizer Nebucent100 White

Fragrance diffuser nebulizer Nebucent100 White

Fragrance diffuser by cold nebulization. The best professional fragrances of the home.

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 and minimalist design nebulizer fragrance diffuser. Ideal to scent from small to large spaces in a silences a way, homogeneous and clean. A dry mist of fragrance will expand effectively and continuously for the entire stay. Can operate independently or through conduits air conditioning. Freshener ideal to scent clothing stores, hotels, offices, gyms, clinics, casinos, waiting rooms, homes, etc.

Rental of professional home fragrances. Aromatic diffusers for medium and large spaces.



Professional fragrance diffuser.
Dimensions: 210 * 230 * 62 mm.
Weight: 2.35kg.
Consumption: 0.1 ml / hr - 0.7 ml / h.
Coverage: 100 m2 - 300 m3 - 10500 ft3.

In an increasingly competitive market, consumers are more sensitive to signs of differentiation. 
Scent marketing is a very effective response to the visibility of a brand. A proper home fragrance stimulates the act of purchase.

The aroma diffuser Nebucent100 is an excellent tool for the aromatization of your business.