Diffuser essential oils Oïo.

Diffuser essential oils Oïo.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser.
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The aroma diffuser ultrasound essential oils Oio is distinguished by a design that allows you to easily integrated

into the decor of our home or office. perfectly combines the simplicity of its white base with grid system bee

with changing LED lighting.The buttons on the front allow us the implementation and management of lighting,

operation can only select aroma and diffusion of aroma lighting. We can also regulate the selection of a single

color (blue or pink) or color variation and intensity. Increases humidity in the environment and decreases the

presence of bacteria. Apart from its use as home fragrance, also remove the bad home odors caused by food, etc.

Benefit from an environment of well-being with the help of essential oils,

both in its therapeutic role as in home use as fragrances for the home.


Pour in the water tank from 5 to 15 drops of essential oil or aromatic fragrance.


- For areas up to 60m2.

- Height: 8.3 cm

- Diameter: 16 cm

- Material: PP and ABS

- Weight : 0.55 kg