Diffuser essential oils Belissia.

Diffuser essential oils Belissia.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser.
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As the model Elegance, the diffuser of aromas Belissia combines bamboo and glass

in his design with a very interesting style. His rounded form is a party for our eyes,

specially when the device is ignited and the dome of crystal is illuminated, realizing

a change of colo in degraded. This lighting is also present in the base to improve

the harmonious lines of the diffuser. As all our diffusers of aromas for ultrasounds,

also it issues negative ions and regulates the dampness, improving the breathing.

For the areas of up to 60m ².

Height: 11 cm.

Diameter: 18,5 cm.

Benefit from an environment of well-being with the help of essential oils,

both in its therapeutic role as in home use as fragrances for the home.


Pour in the water tank from 10 to 20 drops of essential oil or aromatic fragrance.