Essential Oil 100%. Rosemary.

Essential Oil 100%. Rosemary.

Pure and natural essential oils.
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Essential Oils 100% natural.

Format: 15ml.

Essential oils give us infinity of sensations and are ideal for use

in aromatherapy or home fragrance for home and other spaces.

The essential Oil of Rosemary provides to us a fresh and spicy fragrance.

His inhalation us will contribute capacity of concentration, increase of the

memory, as well as it will revitalize us before in mental and physical weariness.

How to use:

Home Fragrance: Add several drops in the water tank of the diffuser of aromas or scents using a burner.

You can add 5 to 20 drops of essential oil, changing the amount depending on the intensity of scent

that we want to have.

Aromatherapy: To perform a face and body massage, you can add a few drops of essential oil, 3 to 5,

in a base oil such as sweet almond. You can also add in a cream. Enjoy its therapeutic power.You can

add a few drops of essential oils in the bath with warm water anddive. The vapor sucked essential

oils penetrate you r skin, beneficing and its many properties.

The aroma of the essential oil of Rosemary will help us to attack the migraine, the accumulated tension and

the headache. A massage with the essential oil of Rosemary in back and extremities, will provide easing to us.

His properties anti oxidizers will help to the preservation of our skin.

*Note: Described informations of the properties and applications facilitated on the essential oils are
only to informative, not medical level, without intention of doing diagnoses of recovering or treating
diseases. Not to use during the pregnancy.