Essential Oil 100%. Jasmine Sambac.

Essential Oil 100%. Jasmine Sambac.

Pure and natural essential oils.
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Essential Oils 100% natural.

Format: 15ml.

Essential oils give us infinity of sensations and are ideal for use

in aromatherapy or home fragrance for home and other spaces.

The essential oil of Jazmine us contributes a hot and floral fragrance.

It will favor our vitality and the improvement of our mental condition.

The inhalation of a few drops of our essential oil of jazmine, it will create

a propitious attitude for intimate meetings. It acts like relaxing and

attenuates the anxiety. Ideal to use in meetings meditations.

How to use:

Home Fragrance: Add several drops in the water tank of the diffuser of aromas or scents using a burner.

You can add 5 to 20 drops of essential oil, changing the amount depending on the intensity of scent

that we want to have.

Aromatherapy: To perform a face and body massage, you can add a few drops of essential oil, 3 to 5,

in a base oil such as sweet almond. You can also add in a cream. Enjoy its therapeutic power.You can

add a few drops of essential oils in the bath with warm water anddive. The vapor sucked essential

oils penetrate you r skin, beneficing and its many properties.