Fragrance Diffuser Nebucent27

Fragrance Diffuser Nebucent27

Fresheners that give personality to your stay.

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The fragrance diffuser Nebucent27 presents a discreet and attractive design for 
our stays. Its operation by nebulization offers us a constantly fresh and lasting aroma. 
Its micro particles are highly volatile and their distribution will be homogeneous 
throughout the room and at a very low cost. 
Perfect for perfuming small rooms, both at home and in professional spaces.
Enjoy the technology and fragrances used by fashion stores and hotels in your home.


- Dimensions in cm: 15X15X6.

- Weight: 650 gr.

- Deposit: 100 ml.

- Voltage: DC 12V 2A.

- Power: 2V.

- Battery operation and USB cable.
- Coverage of approximately 25m2.

- Consumption: 0.02ml/h. - 0.6ml/h