Diffuser essential oils Lunnea.

Diffuser essential oils Lunnea.

Aroma mist diffuser.
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Lunnea is the fragrance diffuser the more popular of the collection. its basin It is fully

rounded and with a large aperture, providinga beautiful view of the fog illuminated by

LED technology. Thetilt and height of the opening are designed to facilitate it expand

and guarantee perfect flavoring through oils essential, acting as home fragrance at

home, making a cascade effect. The Lunnea model is designed with white glass and

iron high quality forged. Its LED lighting emits a color change degraded, creating an

environment conducive to relaxation.


- Height: 23 cm.

- Diameter: 20 cm.

- Material: white glass diffuser and foot wrought iron.

- For areas up to 50m².

The Mist sprayer diffuser, based on an ultrasound system converts water into steam.

They used mainly for diffusing essential oils and fragrance extracts. As its diffusion

method allows cold, it does not alter the therapeutic properties essential oils and it

allows us to enjoy them fully. They also provide a fresh touch in summer and will

play the role of humidifier in winter, when theheating dries the air. Your ultrasound

system that releases negative ions helplimit air pollution in your home. The device

is also equipped with LED light emitting color. This light will vary smoothly performing

a gradient color, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Its elegant design, its use as a home

fragrance with the use of essential oils and aromatherapy side make the diffuser Mist

sprayer aroma of an excellent choice to efficiently perfume our homeand as decoration.

Our aroma diffusers are equipped with a systemart misting.