Diffuser essential oils Cosy White.

Diffuser essential oils Cosy White.

Aroma diffuser for soft heat.
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The diffuser of essential oils Cosy is o f functioning for soft heat. This one process provides

an excellent diffusion of the fragrances of a natural and simple way. The natural oils are taken

to a perfect and constant temperature , by means of a system of autoregulated, to develop the

properties of the essential oils without denaturalizing them.


- Height: 7 cm.

- Diameter: 12,5 cm.

- Material: Enamel of porcelain.

- I Weigh: 0,75 kg

- For surfaces of up to 20 m ².

Benefit from an environment of well-being with the help of essential oils,

both in its therapeutic role as in home use as fragrances for the home.


Pour in the water tank from 5 to 15 drops of essential oil or aromatic fragrance.